POS and Soft POS Software

Accept payments on your mobile phone as well

Fast contactless payments through the soft POS software automating and creating a friendly and interactive environment between seller and customer

How the soft POS software works:

Client Account

You register your GoGo2 Account and once verified you can donwload and use the GoGo2 Soft POS or use the GoGo2 POS marchines.

Select method and Pay

Choose the payment method with which your client wants to pay. The client places his card on the Soft POS software or scans his crypto wallet and the payment is performed.

Next day settlement

After the completion of the transfer, the funds will be reflected into your GoGo2 bank account portal the next day.

Receive payments through Visa, Mastercard, other card schemes and Cryptos through our soft POS software. You can download the Soft POS app on your android phone now!